Product Review: PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

ProductEasy Walk Dog Harness by PetSafe

Cost: about $15 from online retailers; about $25-30 in most pet stores

Available:* and other online retailers; most pet stores

Length of ownership: 2+ year


After my first experience with a basic harness (my first dog, Allie, quickly realized how to escape her harness leading to three ulcer-inducing “THE PUPPY IS LOOSE IN A PUBLIC SPACE” scenarios), I was about as anti-harness as one could be. Since I think walking a dog with a regular collar is inefficient, confusing for the dog and possibly dangerous, so I was on the hunt for another harness-type option. I discovered the Weiss Walkie from my employment at a humane society, which was the perfect walking tool for Allie. (My review of the Weiss Walk is forthcoming!) Allie is an Australian Cattle Dog and grew to about 45 lbs, and I never had any trouble with the Weiss with her. Soon after the arrival of our second dog, a lab named Luna, I realized the Weiss really wasn’t addressing Luna’s needs.

It might be helpful to know my loose-leashing training strategy briefly: when my dog pulls the leash, I stop walking (or walk the opposite direction). I want my dogs to know they aren’t going to get where they want to go by pulling. I wasn’t able to perform this strategy with Luna and the Weiss Walkie because she is much bigger (70+ lbs) and more enthusiastic (read: CRAZY) on walks: Luna could pull me wherever she wanted to go even if I wanted to stop. The Easy Walk harness immediately tipped the scales in my favor!

There are three awesome characteristics about the Easy Walk harness that I’d like to highlight:

1) Because the harness clips to the leash at the dog’s chest, any forward motion from the dog gets redirected to whatever side the leash is currently on. It’s a beautiful marriage of physics and design! With the forward motion redirected off to the side, it is infinitely easier to stop Luna when she pulls. 

2) Another awesome design feature of the Easy Walk harness is it’s simplicity: one strap goes over the dog’s back, one goes under the dog’s chest and one goes across the dog’s chest. No strap in between the dog’s legs means so finicking around with getting the dog’s legs through a loop. There are other front clip harnesses that have an addition strap between the dog’s legs and I can’t see the benefit, so this is a big plus for the Easy Walk harness (in my opinion!).

3) The part that leash clips to is a Martingale collar-style strap. For those unfamiliar with this type of collar, a Martingale collar is a collar consisting of a large loop that goes over the dog’s head that is held together by a small loop, which the leash clips to. When the leash is pulled, the tension on the small loop causes the larger loop to shrink. Martingale collars are also called humane choke collars (because, when sized correctly, they could never actually choke a dog) and are often used for dogs that can easy slip a buckle collar. The Martingale set up on the Easy Walk harness similarly decreases the ability of the dog to slip the harness. In fact, I bought another Easy Walk Harness for Allie for jogging and she’s not been able to slip out of it at all! (Not that I’m encouraging her to try!)

*I regularly use to order dog and cat food as well as other pet supplies. I’m not sponsored by this company in any way. I LOVE them because they are affordable, have great customer service and fast shipping. 


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