Companion Animal House members:


Sophie, the first fur-member of the Companion Animal House, is about 9-10 years old and was found wandering around northeast Ohio with a grievous wound on at the base of her tail. Likely from a fight with another cat, her foster mom did everything she could to save Sophie’s tail. Sadly, several years about we adopted Sophie, we had to have her tail amputated because the scar tissue was causing her pain. Sophie also tore her retinacula in her heel and had to have surgery to repair it, and still requires physical therapy and pain meds to maintain range of motion in the ankle. She is super social with humans and loves Luna!



Bear was adopted into the Companion Animal House at about 9 weeks of age after his mom was rescued by a staff member of Shelter Outreach Services of Ohio and gave birth in her shed. Leah actually assisted in Bear’s neuter surgery recovery, as she was volunteering at SOS at the time. Bear is enormous – at 18 lbs, he is not overweight – and is as mischievous now as he ever was a kitten. He is 7 years old now and enjoys playing with Allie (most of the time!)


Allie ended up in the shelter where Leah was working after being found on the side of the road in southeastern Ohio at 8 weeks of age. She has completed a puppy class, an advanced obedience class, a Canine Good Citizen certification prep class, and an intro to agility course. Allie is now 6 years old and is incredibly smart, even teaching herself how to turn off light switches, and enjoys hiking and leisurely walks. She loves Joe much more than Leah, but generously tolerates Leah all the same.



Luna was surrendered to the shelter where Leah worked at the time when she was 10 weeks old because she was “too big” for her former family. Leah fostered her while treating her for ringworm, a contagious fungal infection that meant Luna couldn’t stay in the shelter, and adopted her as soon as she convinced Joe. Luna had recurrent urinary tract infections as a puppy, which eventually needed surgery to correct – for which Leah and Joe received the magical, wonderful, generous support from many people to pay. Luna also completed a puppy class and an intro to agility course, and is currently completing a Distract Dog Class. She has struggled with anxiety, aggression, and reactivity, which Leah and Joe have used medication, management, and behavior modification to treat.

Other Blogs

Leah wrote a blog while she fostered a momma cat and her five kittens. Check it out at Estee The Foster Cat!


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